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Real Women, Real Reviews

We asked real women who have used Vagisil products to tell us what they actually think about intimate care and how our products performed. Their videos are a great way to hear about a Vagisil product that you may not have tried yet and improve your intimate health too.

Liz, 38
Vagisil Feminine Wipes

Working moms like Liz are too busy to let vaginal itch slow them down. “After giving birth to two kids, I’m definitely more conscious of my vaginal health. If you have something that’s quick and easy, like the Vagisil wipes, they’re gentle, cool, refreshing, soothing…Knowing they’re in my bag I can go on with my day with confidence.”

Brandi, 28
Vagisil Odour Control Wash

Active women like Brandi don’t have time to worry about vaginal odour. “I don’t get home until 9 or 10 o’clock and then I really just want to hang out with my fiancé. I don’t want to be worried that I need to take a shower.”

Charle, 31
Vagisil pH Balance Wash

Health-conscious women like Charle are discovering that maintaining the proper vaginal pH is crucial to intimate health. “If your pH balance is off, you’re off... You know it and anyone who is close with you will know it as well.”