In this day and age, there are still so many myths and false “vagina facts” misinforming women about their vaginal health. Watch gynecologist Dr. O’Shaughnessy and Vagisil® CEO Keech Combe Shetty as they bust some of the most pervasive vaginal myths out there.

‌Intro to the Vagisil® Mythbuster Series (0:31)

Welcome to the Mythbuster Series where Vagisil® CEO Keech Combe Shetty and gynecologist Dr. O’Shaughnessy get real about vaginal health.

‌Myth: Nice Girls Don’t Talk About Vaginal Health (1:12)

‌The vagina is a natural part of your body, so it shouldn’t be a taboo topic. Vagisil® CEO and gynecologist Dr. O’Shaughnessy discuss the importance of talking about vaginas with other women, your daughters and your doctor.

‌Myth: For Your Vagina, Any Soap Will Do (1:42)

‌Using certain soaps or body washes can cause vaginal pH imbalance. Vagisil® CEO and gynecologist Dr. O’Shaughnessy explain the importance of using a wash specially designed for your vaginal area to help maintain a healthy pH balance.

‌Myth: Dryness Only Happens to Menopausal Women (0:30)

‌Menopausal women are NOT the only ones who experience vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication or painful sex. There are several common causes of vaginal dryness that affect us all.

‌Myth: If It’s Itchy, It’s a Yeast Infection (1:13)

‌Vaginal itch isn’t always caused by a yeast infection. It’s common and normal for women to experience vaginal itch, and can be caused by a number of things.

‌Myth: Vaginal Odor is Shameful (1:07)

‌Every woman has her own unique scent, but sometimes an unusual odor can mean something is off.

‌Myth: The Vagina is a Self-Cleaning Oven (1:16)

‌Even though we’re often told otherwise, your vagina deserves special care. Vagisil® has gentle products that won’t upset your vaginal pH balance.